Organise everything around topics. Not apps.

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What if there's a better way?"
Imagine you're going to Cape Town.
Your flight and Airbnb are booked.
You’ve saved all your must-try restaurants. There are only some last things to take care of before you leave.
Everything is planned perfectly.
But then you notice something annoying.
All your stuff is scattered across different apps. Your flight status lives in one app. The list of restaurants in another. And your last minute to do's are somewhere else entirely.
This upcoming trip that you're looking forward to every single day is nowhere to be found on your phone. Instead, all you see is a homescreen full of brand logos wanting your attention.
This is not just true for trips, but virtually anything we do on our phones.
We store things in app silos without any association between things that belong together. And in turn, we lose out on all the value that comes from connecting related information.
Our devices don't think like we do.
We've gotten so used to a world in which there's an app for everything that we stopped asking if there's a better way.
So... what if there is a better way?
What if all your things that belong together, are together?
What if our devices would think more like we do?
Introducing Canopi.
You're going to Cape Town ⛰️🌤️
You're leaving next saturday and your Airbnb is waiting for you. The weather forecast looks promising!
Canopi automatically creates Collections for everything that's going on in your life by intelligently connecting related information and adding context.
Like doing the research so you don't have to...
A producer is reaching out to chat about a new project
You could meet him for coffee over in Dumbo.
...or keeping an eye on your deliveries.
Your Cosm chair will arrive later today!
You have no meetings at the time of arrival.
Canopi also gives you all the building blocks to create your own messy, unconventional, and unique personal spaces for anything you want.
Like saving things for later, ...
gotta catch up on 🤖🗞️
...buying birthday presents, ...
let's get marques something really nice 🎁
...or making plans for a fun evening.
🥘 Dinner Party Planning🍹
By focusing on what actually matters to you, Canopi becomes the home screen for your life.
We believe the age of apps has passed its peak.
The future of computing will be about delivering the right information in the right context. About intelligently connecting all the things in your life.
A future in which your devices think like you do.
This future requires a new platform on top of which information can flow freely and be augmented in unforeseen ways.
This is what we’re working towards.
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